About 82% of our visitors control less than half of themselves

Control Quotient (CoQ) Quiz:

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Do you often wish you had said what you wanted to or done things differently?

Do you find yourself operating on 'auto-play' on most days?

Were you the one who decided what your goals were?

Did you intentionally take on any responsibilities that you didn't have to?

Did you recently revisit any of your beliefs about who you are and what you are capable of?

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Introducing Nenu

A contemporary journal where you get to define who you are and what you do

Use roleplaying challenges to start gaining control of your  work, family and personal life  

First, select an aspect of your life:

Stepping up for a tough role at work

Becoming a better parent for your family

Standing up to bullying boss

Taking better care of yourself

And pick a role you want to play:

A queen or a king is centered, decisive, inspire and take care of their subjects

A fighter is disciplined, courageous and strives to right wrongs, within and beyond one self

A wizard is curious, reflective and adventurous expanding all os mankind's knowledge and toolkit

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